C.I.Y. Move Day #2

Jun 25th

Move 2014 Day 2 Blog 2

One of the great parts of this conference is the amount of time our students have to connect with each other – through conversations about God, hours on the basketball court or soccer field, and… yes… late nights throwing things at each other (probably just a guy thing). I’ll admit that getting our students up this morning was more difficult than yesterday. But, because it’s the result of forming quality relationships, I like to think it’s a good thing.


Move 2014 Blog 2Like I mentioned yesterday, the week’s theme is This Changes Everything. What our students are focusing on is Jesus’ resurrection (“This”) and what it means for their lives.

The practical application, in its many facets, of a belief in the resurrection is what our students hope to discover in the book of James, a letter to the early church from the brother of Jesus.


Last night’s Main Session communicated this: the resurrection of Jesus is important to the whole equation. The Apostle Paul even wrote that if He didn’t rise from the dead, and all we’re left with is Jesus’ life and death, then Christians are fools.

So, our group spent the night contemplating what it would mean for them to unite their lives to the entire story of Jesus – not just his death, but also his resurrection. For the first time, hundreds of students made a public statement that they are ready to believe, follow, and join Jesus in bringing new life into the world.

The impact of this is huge. Once a teenager realizes that the Christian faith is not just about punching a ticket for Heaven, but also about bringing Heaven to Earth, their God-given potential can be unlocked and the Kingdom expanded.

Some of your teenagers committed to this last night… something that I’ll let you talk to them about it. But, I ask that everyone prays for them. There is nothing that Satan wants more than to take something good and use it for his purposes.


If you have a few minutes, please join us in praying that:

1. All of our students experience a transformation that sticks and continues after this week.
2. Tonight’s main session goes well and resonates with our teenagers.
3. Our incoming Freshmen and the other students who are new to our community find a home with us.

Thanks again for letting us experience this week with your students!

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