God’s Got It!

Aug 25th

KIDZ_EC_MemoryVerse_Aug2014 1KIDZ_EC_MemoryVerse_Aug2014KIDZ_EC_MemoryVerse_Aug2014

KIDZ_EC_MemoryVerse_Aug2014Hello Friends!  How often do we throw out the words, “I’ve got it”?  More often than we’ve actually got it, I would think. You know who’s actually “got it”?  God.  God’s got it.  He is everywhere and has power over everything.  That’s what we want our children to learn this month. No matter what’s going on, God’s got it.

They’ll hear the story of Moses and the burning bush and learn that God has the power to speak to them (August weeks 4 and 5). We’ll continue with Moses and tell the story of the pillars of clouds and fire to show our little ones that God has the power to show us the right way to go (September weeks 1 and 2). And finally, we’ll hear the super amazing story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego where our kids will learn that God is so powerful that He can always be with them (September week 3).  Always.  And, because He’s always there, He’s always got it!

The Monthly Memory verse is “God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9, NLT

Practice saying the new memory verse with your kids at home.  Try using a different animal voice each time you say it to make it exciting and fun!

God (point both hands straight up) is with you (point out to a friend) wherever (spin in a circle) you go (march in place).  Joshua 1:9 (Hold hands open like a book)

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The Bottom Line is God’s got it!