Kids on Mission – Lost and Found (week 1)

Sep 29th

Bible Story:  Luke 15:11-32

This week’s lesson was the story of the Prodigal Son.  The boy who ran away from his father because he wanted to control his own life.  When he ran out of money and was scared and alone, he decided to go home, expecting his father to be really angry.  Instead, his dad threw a big party!  You can watch the video here:

Your Mission:  
The son’s life was changed all because his father never stopped loving him and wanting him back.  His father forgave him, even when everyone else thought he shouldn’t.  His father loved him even though he had made some bad choices.  Even though he had messed up – The son was LOST but after he went home – he was FOUND!

The same is true for us.  Once we choose to follow Jesus – we are found and our mission begins.  What’s our mission from God?  TO SHINE MY LIGHT! (Raise right arm above head with fist closed like superhero.)  So how do we do that?

Jesus wants me to SHINE MY LIGHT by asking Him to be my friend forever.  When we do – he throws a BIG party!  When we decide to follow Him – God is happy!  So ask your SUPERHEROES, what is our mission?  TO SHINE MY LIGHT!  (Raise right arm above head with fist closed like superhero.)

Parents, each week your child will receive a “Mission” card challenging them to “Shine their Light”.   Be sure to fill out and return that card each week to Mission Command Center where we’ll document their story and give them a prize!


Watch the video here

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