New Series in November!

Oct 30th


Remember the game Hide & Seek? Crouched in a corner? Trying to breathe without making noise? One person hides and another person seeks. That’s how it works. The truth is, it’s not all that different from our lives now. We may do it in different ways, but we are all trying to hide from things we don’t like. Things like pain, embarrassment and fear. We hide from things that hurt us. On the flip side, we’re all seeking certain things too. We spend a lot of time and energy seeking acceptance, excitement, fun, and whatever will make us feel good.

The hard truth is we are rarely successful. What happens when our best efforts fail? When, no matter how hard we try, pain still gets in and happiness still gets away? Sometimes, part of growing up is deciding to stop playing the game.

This month, in a series called Hide and Seek, Parkview Students will address these questions and talk about what it means to have joy in the middle of life’s ups and downs.

Don’t let your students miss out!

Upcoming events

1. We are hosting a special training-event on Self Harming Adolescents on Friday, Nov. 14 at the Orland Campus. You are invited to attend the free 1 hour workshop for parents from 8:00am-9:00am. This is invaluable information that will equip you to help a generation that’s struggling with this issue. There’s no registration for the 1 hour program. Just show up and learn from experts much smarter than any of us!

2. To celebrate the end of Life on Mission, students from all campuses are invited to our High School Retreat and Jr. High Alive Retreat Registration closes very soon, so make sure you get your teenagers signed up!

Thanks for partnering with us in the spiritual development of your teenagers. We can’t wait to see them again soon!