Helping Kids Know God – Parent Edition #3

Jan 27th

We’ve uncovered 2 habits we need to practice to get to KNOW GOD better – HEAR from God & PRAY to God.  This past weekend, we learned that when we TALK about God, we start to see God in a new ways.

Do you talk about your friends – even when they’re not around?  Sure – you talk about what they did, what they said and what you plan to do with them tomorrow.  The same is true with God.  As we get to know Him more, we want to talk about Him more.  Give your kid opportunities to talk about God with you.


  • Ask Questions.  Use resources from church to help spark faith conversations whether it’s riding in the car, around the dinner table or one of those opportunities when your kid just want to talk!
  • Be Patient. Give your kid a safe place to talk about their doubts and questions when they have them.
  • Stay Normal.  Faith conversations don’t have to be forced.  You can talk about how your faith impacts everyday things like work, play, friendships, and choices that you make.


*adapted from The reThink group: