A post from a Parkview Mom – just in time for summer!

May 17th

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“I’M BORED!”  Two words I probably despise the most coming out of my children’s mouths; especially when it’s 7am on a Saturday.  What they’re really saying is I’m mad that you won’t let me play electronics.  I always tell my kids they have NO IDEA what it is to be bored.  As you know I’m from a small farm town.  When I say small I mean 400 people small.  There was not one girl my age in town.  Not one.  I had a boy my age and we used to ride together on the bus.  You know what we did for fun on our 45 minute bus ride?  We would smell scented markers and try to guess the scent.  Good times.  So when my kids ask to take electronics on the bus because “everyone else does it” I have no guilt telling them no.  Figure it out.  Find something to do.  Look out the window, take a nap, read a book, or talk to your friend.  Growing up we had one color TV in our house and 3 maybe 4 channels.  At 3pm we got to watch Scooby Doo because it was the only cartoon on and we’d get a popsicle.  And sometimes I’d sneak two popsicles.  Sorry mom.  And other times I’d eat more than one Flintstones vitamin while hiding behind the chair.  I was a sick kid and needed the extra boost!  You know what we did for fun?  We would make cookies and bring them to my dad and grandpa in the field.  And the crazy thing is we didn’t always know where they were because no one had a cell phone.  After we found them we’d sit and have cookies and drink pop out of the grandpa’s coffee thermos cup.  Sometimes I’d help my brother find empty cans.  We did this by riding a lawn mower up and down a long country road.  I could go on and on but you get the idea.

We as a people forget what it’s like to be truly bored!  We’re too busy trying to fill our time with activities and screens and entertainment.  What’s so wrong with being bored and having nothing to do and nowhere to go and no money to buy something?  There are so many things you can do for free to cure you of your boredom and bring peace into your life.  I love to walk outside so that’s always my go-to when I have down time.  I also like to sit on my porch and listen to music and maybe read a book or just listen to the birds.  And of course hanging with friends is my favorite so add a friend into any of those activities and I’m flying high! I believe we can all get so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing that we start to believe we NEED to be doing something and we end up spending money recklessly.  I admit, I was feeling the pressure to do something fun and exciting with my kids over their Spring Break because I knew so many others would come back telling stories of all their adventures.  This mom guilt is a real thing and needs to be ignored.  It’s a lie people!  I was really hoping the last day of our break was going to be nice weather because I had this grand idea of going to a nearby beach and waking the dunes.  Turns out it was just so so and seemed to get colder as the day went on.  A few neighbors made it home from their trips so my kids ended up playing OUTSIDE almost all day long.  I guarantee you THAT was their favorite day. There was no TV, no electronics, just games and creativity and nature.

My second born Rylan recently counted his money and realized he has more than he thought.  He has a goal of an iPad mini (awesome, one more electronic I get to take away) so he’s been asking for extra jobs he can do to earn money.  We have 4 acres behind our house and it’s gets windy here in the wide open space.  Pretty  sure I saw Toto fly past the other day along with all of my front porch cushions and pillows.  Nothing says GOOD MORNING like chasing down your investments at 7am in chilly temps.  So as a way to earn money and kill boredom we sent our two boys and a neighbor boy outside with large trash bags to clean up our hood.  They collected 6 bags full of garage and earned themselves some cash!  It was a win/win all around.  I too went into the thorny prairie behind our house and collected garbage and some nice scratches.  I wonder why Matt didn’t pay me?

’m going to list some cost efficient activities to give you a boost in the right direction.

1. Rent a movie from Redbox for $1.50, make popcorn, buy boxed candy for $1 at Walgreens.

2. Invite friends over for s’mores.  And PLEASE buy your s’mores supplies at Aldi.  So much cheaper! Maybe buy a pack of glow sticks for $1 and get out your flashlights and let the kids run wild.

3. Allow your family to take over a table for a game of Monopoly.  If you’re like me you’ll quickly disappear once this game surfaces.  Can’t do it.  Just too long!

4. Play one of those 30 games you have on a shelf somewhere.  My current favorite is Apples to Apples.  Sequence is a good one too. Connect Four is my go-to game when Rylan wants to play a game with me.  It’s quick, it’s easy, it takes away my mommy guilt.  I prefer non-trivia games because seriously, who has brain space for all those answers?

5. 1000 piece puzzle.  Problem=Solved.

6. Go fishing, go to a park, walk on a trail, visit a neighbor.  When I was little I used to walk down to the little pink trailer (yes pink) and visit the elderly lady that lived there and eat her gumdrops.  I was desperate for company and she didn’t care how many gumdrops I’d eat.

7. Turn off your phones and talk to eat other.  (GASP!)

8. Visit your library and check out books, movies and video games all for FREE!  However this is never a free trip for me because I can’t seem to get all the items back on time.

9.  Go to church!  I love Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park.  It’s like a party every weekend and I get to see tons of my friends.  After church we usually get together with a family either at our house or theirs.  We all bring food and hang out while the kids play.

10. Rest, nap, chill-out and allow yourself to RELAX!

You tell me what you do for fun that’s inexpensive.  Maybe it’s being creative in the kitchen and seeing what you can whip up out of the ingredients you have on hand.  Break out all those craft supplies I know your kids have collected over the years and let them have it!  Make play-doh, make popsicles, bake cookies, clean out your garage or organize a closet for Pete’s sake!  Ok, you get it.  I don’t want to bore you with anymore suggestions.  Please think twice before you drag yourself or your kids to one more expensive activity.  Let’s quit stuffing ourselves full of entertainment and allow our bodies to rest and our minds to be creative.  You can do it!