CIY Move Day 1

Jun 23rd

There are few stories more relevant to the life of a teenager – to the life of any Christian – than the story of Daniel. At Move this year, our high school students will spend their entire week unpacking Daniel 1-4. It’s the story of a young man who tried to follow God’s will for his life in the middle of a world that didn’t understand. And, it’s also the story of a person whose world was captured by hurt and confusion.

The parallels between Daniel’s life and ours are obvious. We live in a world that doesn’t understand why we would make God a priority. It’s a world that desperately wants Christians to conform to its economic, moral, and philosophical patterns. Daniel lived under the Babylonian empire and King Nebuchadnezzar who wanted him to eat, dress, and worship a certain way.

In the face of a Babylonian king, who went so far as to build a statue of himself for people to worship, Daniel stood up for his beliefs and found fulfillment and blessing in the ways of God.

We all know that being a high school student in 2015 is one of the most difficult things to do. So, by looking at the story of Daniel, our prayer is that Parkview’s teenagers would be called and convicted to live like him – to remain rooted in the Faith despite their circumstances.

Will it be tough? Of course.

Will it require Daniel-sized faith? Yep.

But, because of one of the most central messages of the Bible – God is always here – it’s possible. No matter the situation, He’s with them.


In light of the Daniel story, here are two questions for you to ponder and discuss with your teenagers when they get home:

1. Who/What is your Babylon? Who or what has taken over the life God wants for you?

2. Who/what is your King Nebuchadnezzar? Is there anything or anyone who demands too much of your time, has become an idol, or is asking you to conform to their ways?


Thanks for your prayers! We can’t wait for what God is going to do in the minds and hearts of our high school students this week!