Mission: West Virginia Completed!

Jul 13th

Our team of high school students and adults are leaving Hurricane, WV to go back to their lives in Illinois. Though they’re going back home, they are leaving changed. And the community of Hurricane will never be the same.

For three days, our team built floors and wheelchair ramps, painted houses and porches, and loved on under-resourced people in western West Virginia. If you talk to our team members, they’ll tell you about the home owners who showed their appreciation through tears and countless “thank yous.” They’ll also tell you about the 72 year old homeowner who celebrated her birthday with a bunch of teenagers doing construction on her house.

The trip was a special experience for everyone.


Our team’s trip was organized by Group Missions, an excellent organization that facilitated our worksites and provided morning and evening worship experiences.

In our worship times, the theme was Reframed РJesus reframes the way we view ourselves, each other, and the world. Central to this idea is Peter, the disciple who denied Jesus three times only to be forgiven by the very man he disowned.

The truth is that we’re all just like Peter. And, because we’re flawed, it’s easy for us to define ourselves by our mistakes. But, Jesus reframes the way we should see ourselves. He sees us as loved, beautiful, and forgiven. We are His children.

Are we still messy? Of course.

But, we are loved children of God.

If we can grasp that truth, the way we view others and the world gets reframed as well.

Pray for our team

Because our team is coming back from experiencing God in new ways, we ask for prayer:

1. That God would continue to mold our students and adults into kingdom workers in whatever context they find themselves

2. That God would continue to bless the homeowners our team was able to meet

3. That our students and adults would see themselves, others, and the world in the same way Jesus does.