25 Days of Compassion by Karen Wilson

Nov 30th

25 Days of Compassion

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year.

What makes it so special? The jingle bells, the wrapped presents, the winter wonderlands, the roasting chestnuts, the squeals of children…?

Or is it that we are celebrating the greatest gift and acts of compassion ever! God sending his son Jesus into this world over two thousand years ago.

It could be that we’ve kind of lost the joy of Christmas in our efforts to make it special or gotten side tracked with all the stress we’ve tacked onto it…and then of course there’s the overspending and overeating.

But what if you were deliberate as a family this year to spend time focusing on the reason for the season to celebrate God’s ultimate gift of compassion by showing compassion to others?

We’ve created an advent calendar that has you covered with 25 days of Compassion. Print it out, pull it up on your Each day until Christmas, there’s a sentence of the Christmas Story to read as a family (seen each day in bold) and an activity your family can do together to show compassion.

Remember to give yourself compassion too, if you’re not able to do every single thing on the calendar, and feel free to replace some of the ideas with your own!

Share your family’s stories with us in the comments below or on social media using the #ParentCueChristmas hashtag!

2015AdventCalendarClick here to download Advent Calendar
(Print to standard 8.5″x11″ paper)

Karen Wilson
Karen Wilson is the Chief Editor for the Parent Cue blog and a Lead Editor for Orange Books. Previously, she has worked in Education and International Business. She and her husband Mark have two children, Elijah and Sara.